Do You Fancy A Bridgerton Travel Experience?

Bridgerton Travel Experience
Dress up in your favourite gowns and period costumes, attend a Bridgerton-themed ball or stay in a heritage property that gives you the Regency-era experience

To say that Netflix’s Bridgerton has been a huge success is an understatement. The streaming service had announced that 82 million households around the globe tuned into the show. And that was just in its initial 28 days online!  

The series reached the number one spot in 83 countries, and that includes the UK, US, France, India and Brazil. With so many fans across so many countries, it was bound to inspire travellers and create travel trends.

From private tours taking tourists to various locations where Bridgerton was filmed, to balls with period themes, as well as heritage properties recreating the Bridgerton experience for fans and tourists alike – it is indeed having an impact. In fact, the city of Bath had experienced an increased interest in its attractions despite the pandemic and its effect on tourism. This was so because the city’s Assembly Rooms, the Guildhall and the Royal Crescent were some of the locations where the series was filmed, and of course eager fans wanted to see it all.

So where can you have your own Bridgerton experience?

Live the regal lifestyle in Norfolk   

A company in the UK is offering a bespoke package of sorts that lets its guests escape into the world of glamour, fashion, costume balls and luxury. They do so by bringing to life the world of the Bridgertons and Featheringtons with their “brand new and exclusive Bridgerton Experience.” They promise to provide the lucky guests an opportunity to “live the regal lifestyle in the picturesque setting of Norfolk.”

With the property boasting of several bedrooms (some with antique four-poster beds), a sitting room with an open fire, 30 acres of exterior grounds, and much more – it would be just perfect for a large group. We think it might make for a nice getaway with girlfriends and you could pack as many gowns, gloves and accessories you want. We can already imagine dreamy evenings where everyone dresses up like their favourite character from the series, or having dainty little soirees and afternoon teas.

Then there’s the Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa in Bath. It was among one of the many filming locations in the show, and offers champagne, afternoon tea and a private Bridgerton-themed tour of Bath.

Bridgerton Travel Experience
There are so many properties and locations in Bath and Somerset where you can live your Regency-era fantasies.

Step into a time machine in the US

You could also look up the dates for The Queen’s Ball if you are in the US, and step back into time and be transported to a world where magic and reality seem to be dancing together.

If you are an ardent Bridgerton fan, you will of course be willing to travel anywhere to get a slice of the Bridgerton life. If so, it may help to look up cities and corresponding dates. At the moment, the Queen’s Ball is being held in Toronto, Denver, San Francisco and Atlanta.

According to reviews, the Ball is an immersive experience and combines music, dance, acrobatics, Regency-era costumes, line dancing and many, many opportunities for Instagram-worthy photographs. Apparently it all ends with a dance party, and guests aren’t complaining. From taking in the performance of a string quartet, a grand entrance of ‘the queen,’ photo-ops with look-alikes of characters from the Netflix series, to having some fancy drinks and cocktails – it is a full and wholesome evening.

Tailor your own Bridgerton-inspired holiday

Bridgerton Travel Experience
How about packing dresses in all hues of powder-blues to get that Bridgerton ball feel?

Of course you can create your own experience – tailormade just for you. You can live your period-drama fantasies by staying at luxury hotels in the English countryside, dressing up in Regency-era costumes and picnicking by a riverside, or even book a room in a castle and feel like royalty!

There are also the Castle Howard Holiday Cottages. In the series, the Castle was Simon and Daphne’s home (in Episode 6, Season 1) and known as the Clyvedon Castle. When you stay in one of their cottages, you get a free admission into Castle Howard for one day of your choice. There are six cottages, and we quite like the description of the Librarian’s Cottage with its living room replete “with a cosy wood burner, vintage pieces, items from Castle Howard itself and a picturesque garden with a trickling stream.”

However, if you are on a budget, don’t fret. Having a Bridgerton-themed experience doesn’t need to be a costly affair. You could simply put together a picnic with your friends. All you have to do is to dress up in your best gowns, choose a colour (how about powder blue?), and a good location. It could be by the riverside, your local park when it is in bloom, or the woods when they are awash with a layer of bluebells!

No matter what you choose, remember that holidays are all about living your dreams and exploring what brings you joy and a sense of adventure.


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