Destination Dupes Are The Travel Trend You Need To Know For 2024

TikTok feeds showing budget-friendly alternatives are climbing at a tremendous rate with 5.9 billion views under #dupe. This phenomenon has particularly captivated the beauty world, offering not only makeup substitutes but also pocket-friendly options to beloved items like the Dyson Airwrap.

Now, this trend has entered the world of travel, courtesy of Expedia’s latest forecast for 2024. Travellers are gravitating towards slightly unconventional yet often more budget-friendly destinations worldwide. Enter the destination dupe. For instance, if you’re envisioning a romantic holiday next year, consider the allure of the Greek island of Paros instead of the beautiful but very crowded Santorini. Opting for a city break? Consider exploring Palermo, Sicily’s capital, instead of hotspot Lisbon, or trading the bustling streets of London for the charisma of Liverpool.

For longer-haul travellers, there are equally interesting alternatives to the obvious, such as opting for Perth over Sydney to, or venturing to Taipei instead of Seoul for a unique experience in Taiwan.

Expedia has observed a significant rise in searches for destination dupes in the past year, with considerable spikes in flight inquiries for these lesser known spots. In the interest of getting in on the action before they become overrun with tourists, here are 5 of the best dupes to book now.

Paros – Destination Dupe for Santorini

Paros is a spot with secluded bays and the most delicious seafood. It’s also gained a reputation for being one of the friendliest of the Greek islands. You can enjoy the azure beauty of the Aegean as much here as you could in Santorini!

Where to Stay?

Stay in Naoussa for a great mix of dining, nightlife, shopping, and good beach access. Andiparos or Chrissi Akti provides an idyllic beach escape at a slow pace. Stay in Livadia to explore natural wonders, like nearby Kolymbithres Beach and Paros Park. Opt to stay in a fishing village like Piso Livadi, Aliki, or Drios – for authentic Greek hospitality, wonderful food, and great beaches. Parikia and Naoussa are best if you’re not renting a car.

Liverpool – Destination Dupe for London

Everyone loves London, but don’t overlook Liverpool in the north-west of England. Famously, this is the hometown of The Beatles, and the cultural legacy is alive and well in the city today. Liverpudlians are known for their warmth and down to earth charm!

Where to Stay?

The majority of Liverpool’s best hotels – ranging from luxurious chains to quirky boutique hotels – are sprinkled across the City Centre, Ropewalks, Liverpool Docks, Baltic Triangle, and the Georgian Quarter. In spite of its size, Liverpool is surprisingly walkable, with good public transportation connections to neighbourhoods further away,

Palermo – Destination Dupe for Lisbon

In the inspiration stakes, you can’t beat Sicily’s capital, Palermo. Dramatic scenery provides a beautiful backdrop for a heady mix of grand design and irresistible grittiness.

Where to stay?

La Kalsa is one of the four districts that make up Palermo’s old town and the most extensive. It’s located near the port and its intoxicating mix of cultures and influences makes it incredibly picturesque and one of the coolest places to stay in Palermo.

Quebec City – Destination Dupe for Geneva

Set your sights further afield than Switzerland and head for Quebec City in Canada, full of cobbled streets and architectural masterpieces (the city itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Where to Stay?

Old Quebec has a European vibe. Historic buildings, stone houses, cobbled streets and a fairy tale-like castle is essentially what Old Quebec is made of.

Memphis – Destination Dupe for Nashville

The beat of blues music on Beale Street, the sweet scent of smoky pork ribs, the lure of fascinating history: Memphis has got it all for an authentic trip through American history.

Where to Stay?

The most convenient place to stay is Downtown, with a decent spread of luxury hotels and reasonably-priced chains. There are cheaper options in South Memphis near Graceland but both areas can get a little rowdy at night-time.


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