Deliciously Authentic Dining with Insight Vacations

Delicious Dining with Insight Vacations

Great food is at the heart of every journey, and Insight Vacations believe dining is an experience, rather than just fuel for your body. Get the full flavour of a destination by dining as locals do, whether that’s enjoying a traditional meal in their home or in a restaurant that only residents know about. From thoughtful vegetarian options to seasonal specialties in amazing locations, you’ll sip, savour and sense the local flair at every meal.

Deliciously Authentic Dining with Insight Vacations

Country Roads of Southern Italy and Sicily from €3,350

Indulge in Italy’s finest food and views during this 2-week guided tour. When in Rome, you will toss a coin into the Trevi Fountain during a walking tour with a Local Expert. At the Vatican Museums, get a behind-the-scenes look at the Bramante Staircase, a winding masterpiece normally closed to the public.

In Sorrento, settle into a luxurious resort and take in the views of Mount Vesuvius, which buried Pompeii in a sea of lava in 79 A.D. A restaurant’s founder will share why he uses only organic ingredients that he grows himself — and you will indulge in those freshly picked vegetables during a farm-to-table dinner featuring fresh orecchiette pasta. In Palermo, a historian will take you through the old city, showing you its cathedral and the Palatine Chapel in the Palace of the Normans, where glittering 12th-century mosaics will surely take your breath away.

Country Roads of Wales, Devon and Cornwall from €3,623

Take the country roads across England and Wales on an exploration of Dorset’s quaint seaside vistas, Cardiff’s Welsh Rugby heritage and Bath’s ancient Roman history. After taking in the grandeur of Cornwall’s manor houses, indulge in the most quintessentially English experience—learning croquet on a country lawn, with tips from a professional instructor.

From witnessing the millennia-old Stonehenge to touring the stunning seventh-century ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, this two-week tour takes it all in. The rich honey color hues of the stone houses will delight in The Cotswolds, the literary legacy of Jane Austen will bring Pride and Prejudice to life in Bath and the luxury accommodations in Dartmoor’s Bovey Castle will give you a rather regal taste of the high life.

Eastern Capitals and Dalmation Riviera from €3,475

From Vienna to Ljubljana and onto Dubrovnik, this grand tour takes in the natural wonders of Plitvice National Park, the historic wartime Sarajevo Tunnel of Hope and the ancient town of Trogir—founded by the Greek Empire over 2000 years ago.

Beginning the journey in royal style, a Schönbrunn Palace tour in Vienna brings the dynasty of the Habsburgs to life as a Local Expert guides you through the palatial ballrooms, and stately grounds. In the Slovenian capital, the intoxicating aromas of Ljubljanan’s Central Market are food for the soul, while the Croatian capital of Zagreb showcases the architectural grandeur of its twin towns. A tour of the Dalmatian Riviera serves up the 1700-year-old cellars of Split and the pearl of the Adriatic—Dubrovnik.


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