Copenhagen: The City Swimmers Dream

When you think of Copenhagen, sandy beaches and swimmable harbours is probably not what comes to mind, but did you know that the Danish capital actually beats well-known coastal cities like Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro?

Copenhagen’s unique swimming spots make it a dream destination for swimmers, with many public spots both clean and beautiful – perfect for a summers’ dip. Here are the top five swimming spots that should be on every swimmer’s itinerary when visiting Copenhagen!

1. Islands Brygge Harbour Bath

Islands Brygge Harbour Bath is an urban oasis located in the heart of Copenhagen. This iconic harbour bath features five swimming pools, including a children’s pool, a diving pool, and a lap pool. With stunning views of the city skyline and ample sunbathing space, it’s a favorite among both locals and visitors. The water is impeccably clean, thanks to rigorous water quality standards, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely swim or a fun day out with the family.

2. Svanemølle Beach

For those looking for a more traditional beach experience, Svanemølle Beach offers a sandy shoreline and a relaxed atmosphere. Located in the Østerbro district, this beach is ideal for a summer swim and sunbathing. The shallow waters make it a safe spot for families with children, while the deeper areas are perfect for more experienced swimmers. Additionally, the beach is equipped with amenities such as changing rooms, toilets, and a lifeguard service during the summer months.

3. Amager Beach Park

Amager Beach Park is a vast 4.6-kilometer-long beach area that caters to all kinds of water activities. Located on the island of Amager, this beach park features lagoons, sand dunes, and grassy areas, providing a versatile environment for swimmers, sunbathers, and water sports enthusiasts. The calm and clear waters are perfect for swimming, and the park’s extensive facilities, including picnic areas, cafes, and rental shops for kayaks and paddleboards, make it a complete day-out destination.

4. Ofelia Plads

Ofelia Plads, situated near the Royal Danish Playhouse, offers a unique swimming experience in the city center. This contemporary public space features a floating platform where swimmers can enjoy a dip in the clean waters of the Copenhagen harbor. The minimalist design and urban setting provide a chic backdrop for a refreshing swim. It’s also a popular spot for cultural events and performances!

5. Kalvebod Bølge

Kalvebod Bølge, or Kalvebod Wave, is a waterfront promenade and swimming area located on the Kalvebod Brygge waterfront. The area has sunbathing spots, kayak rentals, and even spaces for urban gardening. With a mix of recreational and relaxing options, Kalvebod Bølge is an excellent spot for those who want to combine swimming with a bit of urban exploration.

Copenhagen’s commitment to clean and accessible waterways has transformed the city into a swimmer’s paradise. Pack your swimsuit and dive into the waters of this city gem!


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