Celebrate Your Girlfriends and Your Love for Travel – this International Women’s Day! Start Planning Now…

Three women huddling together - representative pic for Women's Day

Everyone knows that girlfriend getaways or travelling with girlfriends is so good for you. Whether you go on a city break, a walking holiday, a pamper spa getaway or even a knitting break (yes, women love those too!) girly getaways are amazing. So for this International Women’s Day, perhaps it’s time to plan your perfect getaway.

If you ever needed some solid reasons on why you should travel with girlfriends, here are five:

  1. Goodbye stress: Travel has the potential to reduce our stress levels and improve our overall mood and sense of wellbeing. When you travel with girlfriends, there’s the added benefit of combining travel with people you love and cherish. It also helps strengthen and sometimes test your friendships!
  2. Saying yes to a happier life and life style. Good friends have your best interests at heart. When you travel with friends it gives you the option to try out different things, and this includes wellness options. You can do yoga or a spa retreat and come back rejuvenated and implement new, healthier changes in your life.
  3. A sense of adventure. When you travel with friends, you can also try out new things, and go out of your comfort zone. This includes adventurous and outdoorsy activities. This way, you get a welcome break from the routine and the mundane and are inspired to take up newer hobbies.
  4. Allows a chance to reconnect. All of us lead busy lives. When you take a holiday with your friend, you are also setting time aside for your friendship. It not only strengthens your friendship but puts in place good traditions. Like taking a holiday together. Catching up annually at a retreat or a spa break.
  5. It’s different. Travelling with friends is very different from travelling with family. There are things you will only do with your friends and no one else. Impromptu fashion shows in hotel lobbies, gossiping or discussing your favourite soap opera…you get the drift, don’t you?

So start planning for this International Women’s Day. Whether it’s a small and fast city break or an extended trip – design something nice and fun with your set of girlfriends.


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