An All-Inclusive Residential Home On A Ship?

Residential Home On A Ship

Some of us love being on a cruise ship. And everything that comes with it. All the entertainment, never-ending views of the sea, the lovely places the ship calls at, and more.

Many people dream of being on a cruise ship all the year round. Not as a member of the staff, but as if they were on an extended holiday, and cruising was a way of life. Do you count yourself among those? If yes, then there’s something you may want to check out.

Storylines is a kind of residential community at sea, and it will be launched in 2024. It offers an ‘all-inclusive” life on a cruise ship.

Interesting? You bet. But what would it cost you? Their website quotes that their “living fees start from just $2,152 per person per month – lower than living costs in most major cities worldwide.”

For those who book a fully furnished home (there are one-to-four-bedroom residences as also studios and two-story penthouses), there’s plenty of services to avail of, right at the doorstep. From laundry pick-up, wash and fold service, and/or self-service laundry, private kitchen and entertainment facilities, as well as check-ups and wellness visits with the on-board doctor, trainers and nutritionists – everything is available on the cruise ship.

What’s more, your friends and family are welcome aboard your cruise home as well.  You are free to “invite a friend for a month, your children for a week, or make eternal memories with your grandchildren for a whole summer.” You can also rent out your residence while you are away, spending some time on ‘land’.

If you have green thumb, your residential home on the cruise ship also offers an opportunity to cultivate your own little patch of green. There will be decorated spaces to live in surrounded by inspiring art and fresh food gardens.

How much would it cost you? Like say if you were to buy a place for yourself? Prices start at $400,000 and rise up to $8 million.

P.S, there’s also a ‘meet your neighbours‘ option. We have to say that we were intrigued and checked the ‘neighbours’ out. We also had a peek at the ‘world schooling education’ bit. They have teachers, field trips (to animal sanctuaries, classical music concerts in Vienna, and the like), plus workshops and more.

It does sound very impressive, and also very tempting. Now, where’s the Euromillions winning ticket when I need it the most? But if you have the savings and are keen to put your cruising dreams to reality, do take a look. Also, like what happens on ‘land’, the ship offers the shared ownership option as well.

Residential Home On A Ship
How about a home on a ship? One that comes with everything – from a kitchen to a garden, and a school for your kids.


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