A Wish-List that Highlights Tour Travellers’ Top Picks in 2023

A scene from Italy - with canals in Venice and lovely buildings

Have you always loved Europe? Well, it seems like Europe is pretty high on many wish-lists.

In December, the Globus family of brands – consisting of Globus, Cosmos and Avalon Waterways – distributed a “Wish List” survey to past travellers asking them to share travel interests and plans for 2023. The company received 28,971 responses, including 20,000 from Globus and Cosmos travellers, revealing touring trend insight for the new year and beyond.

According to the Globus family of brands study, it is Europe that comes at the top for tour travellers.

From Paris to Prague, Athens to Zagreb and Glasgow to Genoa, the storybook landscapes, castle-dotted cliffs and vineyard-clad hills of Europe continue to drive touring interest. Italy comes first. Greece and Turkey come second as the most anticipated destinations, and France follows closely. England, Ireland and Scotland all scored pretty equally.

What is it about Europe that is so fascinating for tour travellers? Is that if you are doing Europe as a part of a tour, you can go from country to another, one city to next and get a beautiful all-in-one experience. From breath-taking locations and scenery, gorgeous cities and city squares, entertainment, plays and some great food.

Imagine an itinerary that takes you from London to Edinburgh, Paris to Rome, and more. As Italy has scored a top place, no wonder it has something special and is on many itineraries.

“Italy awes. It inspires and moves travellers like no other destination on Earth,” said Steve Born, chief marketing officer for the Globus family of brands. “From Michelangelo’s art to the artful cuisine throughout the country, Italy invites travellers to enjoy the la dolce vita in every way. And Globus takes them to 13 of the country’s postcard-perfect regions inviting guests to enjoy the “wow” that’s waiting.”

If you had to design a dream itinerary that you could take on a group tour to Europe, there are simply so many alluring options to choose from.

If I had to create one for myself, it would be a trip that includes Venice, Barcelona, Vienna, Cappadocia, Copenhagen, Paris, Florence and Prague.

A church-like building with a dome embellished in green and two little dome like structures on two towers/minarets - In Vienna, Europe
Europe has so much to offer – from great architecture to landscapes, to food trails

We are so curious to know – what would your list be like? How about creating a wish-board for 2023, putting up pictures and postcards of places you want to travel to in Europe?

A scene from Copenhagen with the colourful buildings reflected in the waters below, and people strolling by leisurely
Copenhagen seems truly alluring, and is on my wish list after watching the movie The Danish Girl


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