8 Things to Avoid Wearing on a Flight (and What to Wear Instead)

Choosing the right outfit for a flight involves balancing comfort, the weather at your destination, and navigating airport security smoothly. Despite various opinions within our team, it’s clear that personal style plays a significant role in these decisions. What one person considers the perfect travel attire might be another’s fashion faux pas.

Here we List our Top Suggestions:

No Denim!

Enduring hours in a confined seat is no time for your stomach to struggle against a rigid denim waistband. Instead opt for trousers with drawstring or elasticated waists for a comfortable yet stylish alternative. Choose designs in lightweight fabrics such as cotton, or consider cosying up in fleece joggers for a long-haul flight.

Swap Dungarees for a Matching Set

Dungarees might provide a laid-back, cohesive look, but their one-piece design can become a hassle during mid-flight bathroom breaks. The possibility of a strap touching the floor or even the toilet makes them less practical. Instead, consider a matching set, which maintains an effortless, coordinated appearance without the inconvenience of needing to partially undress in the restroom.

No Laces or High-Top Converse

While trainers, boots, and Birkenstocks are great for vacations, they can be a hassle at the airport since you’ll likely need to remove them during security checks. Trainers require you to stop and tie laces, and wearing Birkenstocks often means awkwardly tiptoeing to avoid dirty feet. Additionally, trainers are impractical on long flights due to foot swelling, making you want to take them off anyway. Instead, pack your trainers or Birkenstocks in your carry-on (use a packing cube with rolled-up socks) and choose a sturdy pair of flat slip-on shoes like ballet flats, mules, or loafers for the flight.

Say Goodbye to the Claw Clip for your Flight

Claw clips may be a stylish and easy way to pull your hair up, but they can be incredibly uncomfortable when you lean back against a headrest. For maximum comfort, opt for a high, loose bun secured with a soft scrunchie.

Dark Colours Instead of White

Spills and stains are almost inevitable during a flight, whether it’s a coffee mishap or a squished chocolate. To avoid ruining your outfit, steer clear of bright whites and dry-clean-only garments. Instead, choose darker colours and easy-to-wash fabrics for a more practical and travel-friendly wardrobe.

Moisturise Instead of Makeup

While a bit of mascara or blush is fine, wearing a full face of foundation on a flight can be detrimental due to the dehydrating effects of recirculated air. If you arrive at the airport with heavy makeup, it’s best to remove it with a cleanser and then apply moisturiser and sunscreen before boarding. Don’t forget to pack travel sized cosmetics and creams, such as those in the Marks and Spencer summer bag. Reviewed here: The Marks and Spencer €40 Summer Beauty Bag, Which is Perfect for Travelling is Back and Worth €200 – Travel Times


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